Friday, March 07, 2008

New Groups I have joined lately

Lately with the urging of Peter Duffield, my partner in Scratch and Sniff, I have been playing with several other musicians around the Baton Rouge Area. For one I am playing with a rebirth of an old group 'The Copas Brothers' that was around the LSU area in the 70's . I had the pleasure of meeting and playing several shows with L.J 'Copas' who was one of the founding members of that group. He also played in many other groups including Kinfolk and too many to list here, they played many places around LSU including 'The Country Place' way out Nicholson Drive. He has played places around the world like New York City and Glasgow, Scotland.

L.J along with Pat Decuir and Joe 'Boy' Micelli of (John Fred and the Playboys) fame and myself have done several shows downtown at Boudreaux and Thibodeaux's on Third Street. One recent show was on the day of the Spanish Town Mardi Gras, it was a breakfast brunch to a really amped up crowd. We played a variety of Mardi Gras/New Orleans songs along with some Louisiana roots music. To our surprise another one of the original members of the Copas Brothers walked in while we were playing, he is Randy Rhea, who I happened to attend High School with at Glen Oaks. He sang several songs with us to everyones delight. We are scheduled to play several more shows at Boudreaux's out on the balcony. See my schedule here.