Friday, May 23, 2014

Live After 5 in Baton Rouge, La 2014

I had the pleasure of being onstage with David St. Romain and Chris Leblanc at the "Live After 5" event on May 22, 2014. I played harmonica on Tom Petty's "Last Dance for Mary Jane" and  Wilson Pickett's "Mustang Sally". Afterward I met a lot of new friends and fans. This has to be one of my highlights as a musician here in Baton Rouge, La.

Mayor Kip Holden was out and about dressed up in his Western outfit celebrating The Bayou Country Superfest for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

My wife is chauffeuring many of the performers to and from their hotel rooms to the stage at Tiger Stadium, I know this is also a thrill for her. We both enjoy being in the music business to the fullest.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Groups and/or Individuals I have either been in a group with or have been onstage with:

This is a list of musicians with whom I have performed
  1. The Randy Borne - Steve Smith group- We played at many parties and one year played the end of the year dance at Glen Oaks Junior High School circa 1967, we also won second place performing in the yearly talent show at Glen Oaks High School circa 1968.
  2. Charlie Pappy band with Chris Braud, Randy Borne, David Mancuso, Dean Williams
  3. The Clique with Randy Borne, Dean Williams, Terry Root
  4. Blue Max with Ken Herrington, Paul Lampton, Wes Howard, Pat Wasiloski, Stan
  5. The Rude Boys with John ‘ChoCho’ Haas, David Crochet, Billy Kimbrell, Denny McCurry, Pfoot, M.T.
  6. 3 Blind Mice with Pete Duffield, Ken Herrington, Scott Randall, Armand Kahn
  7. Blind Date with Pete Duffield, Ken Herrington, Scott Randall, Armand Kahn, Barry Himel
  8. Rudy Richard
  9. Troy Turner
  10. Barbie Lane (2) groups in Baton Rouge and New Orleans
  11. Joel Patterson
  12. Chris Leblanc 1994 and beyond
  13. Cat Daddy with Steve Arnould, David Crochet, Tom Coerver , Drew Hart, Joey Decker
  14. Stan Campbell
  15. Bluff Road Band
  16. Kirk Holder
  17. Paul Shelton
  18. Bayou Country with Patrick Shane
  19. Func Haus with Wendell Tilley
  20. Tareva Henderson and Nelson Blanchard
  21. Larry Garner
  22. C’Jane Run with Eric Halpen
  23. The Levee Band with Merrill Braud, Mark Anselmo,
  24. Chicago Al
  25. Kenny Acosta with Jeff Johnson
  26. Jeff Jeansonne
  27. Cajun Brew at Vermillionville in Lafayette, La
  28. Streamline
  29. Todd Westbrook
  30. Courtney Westbrook with Kicks
  31. Rocky Saxon
  32. Hocus Pocus with Mark Spedale
  33. Darryl Lewis and La. Hotsauce Band
  34. Elvin Killerbee aka Kevin Ellerbee
  35. The Randy Davis Group with Henry Frazier, Dave at The Gumbo Festival and at the Louisiana State Fair
  36. The Jam Brothers Band
  37. River City Blues Band with Kenny Dunn, Mike Owings aka R. L. Spencer
  38. Wild Cactus
  39. Mike Miller
  40. Rudy’s Shoes with Denise Brumfield
  41. Sundown with Wayne Peterson
  42. Marcus Elizondo
  43. Medicine Nation with Todd Orillion, Eddie Hopkins, Terry Granier
  44. Keith Pavlovich
  45. Murray McCollough
  46. Island Fever Band
  47. John Kirby
  48. Johnnie Rivers at Richoux’s
  49. Keith Samuels Ardoin at Drusilla Daiquiris
  50. Stan Snyder
  51. Confidential 1995
  52. Bleeker Street with Joseph Sullivan, Steve Navarre
  53. Tom Skinner
  54. Foxfire with Leroy Davis, Dale Babin, Joe Micelli, Mike Steen, Binky Glindmeyer
  55. Stormy with Mike Noto, Paul Shelton, Lee Ferrington,
  56. Traces
  57. My My My!!
  58. Contagious
  59. Randy Trantham
  60. David Morgan Band
  61. Chris Braud Worship Music
  62. Timepiece Dwight
  63. Lynn Freeman
  64. Rusty Hood
  65. Randall Hall Band
  66. Rusty Yates
  67. Bubba Plauche and Doug Thompson
  68. Duffield and Company
  69. Scratch and Sniff
  70. Copas Brothers, Copas Trio and Copus Duo with L.J. Copas
  71. Matt Doran
  72. David St. Romain
  73. Side Effects band with Mark Sides, Wade Duplessis, Troy West
  74. The LA Kat’z at Chelsea’s in Denham Springs
  75. Scott Van Matre "The Dutchman" at Walkon’s LSU
  76. Kevin Paulk
  77. Mark Anselmo
  78. Brian Biggers
  79. Bonefrog with Randy Daigre
  80. Larry Bernard
  81. Steve Mansur
  82. Freddie Nations
  83. Leslie Wood
  84. Susan Owens
  85. Will Dale Wesley
  86. David Hyde
  87. Rick Davis
  88. Leonard Jeffers
  89. Kevin Johnson
  90. Mr. Man with Jerry Padgett
  91. The Sonny Ledoux Band with Bill Guess, Rick Price
  92. Emily Branton
  93. Bryan Southwick
  94. Lucas Spinosa
  95. John Lisi
  96. Pandora Roxx
  97. Curtis Coubello and the Insta-Gators
  98. Sundanze Howie
  99. Monday Night Band at the Caterie with Cam Pyle, Toby Templet, Mike Broussard
  100. Johnny Gossip with Toby Templet, Jeff Hood
  101. Joel Cooper
  102. Ralph McGee
  103. Marlin Beam
  104. Eddie Smith Band
  105. Henry Gray with Les Leblanc
  106. Something Blue Band
  107. Chris House
  108. Esco McCollum
  109. Blu Rouge 
  110. Marci Pace
  111. Big Daddy T
  112. Luther Kent and Trick Bag along with Bobby Campo
  113. Long Neck Society 
  114. Bofus with Skip Varnado and Deware Walker 
  115. David Craig  
  116. Ernest Scott and The Funk Children with Clay Coleman, Keith Simoneaux, Dan Bourgeois and George Enete
  117. Floyd Brown 
  118. Jeff Leblanc and The Delta Drifters 
  119.  Bryan Romano
  120. OleSole Band with Jonathan Caraway and Jarred Guidry 
  121. Taylor Nauta 
  122. Jerry Amoroso of Potliquor
  123. Patrick Cooper
  124. Kevin Schexnayder
  125. Dennis Pennington
  126. Eric DiSanto 
  127. Rob Chidester
  128. Steve Judice
  129. Bill Romano
  130. Barry Hebert
  131. Doc Chaney
  132. Heather Feierabend
  133. Clay Parker
  134. Tyler Baronet
  135. John Fohl
  136. Cold Grits 
  137. Colorblind 
  138. Leauxco 
  139. The Blues Doctors with Adam Gussow and Alan Gross 
  140. Andrew Bernard who co-wrote Judy in Disguise with John Fred 
  141. Clay Boudreaux 
  142. Caleb Elliot 
  143. Geared Up with Scotty Drake 
  144. Justin McCain
  145. Diamondback 
  146. Sole Brothers with Doc Hearl and King Solomon
  147. Hal Higgins
  148. Javier Guitierrez
  149. Argyle Friday
  150. LaRouge
  151. Greg Wright
  152. Ray Stumbo 
  153. Circa Amore 
  154. The Paul and Pete Band
  155. Red Armes with Rick Newton
  156. Stone Sober band
  157. Don, Jared and Konspiracy 
  158. Tommy Ike Hailey
  159. Sweet Root with Joshua Magee, Jennifer Hutter, Dakota Civello, Jullian Civello
  160. Ian Webster and Taylor Clark 
  161. Sam Broussard
  162. Smokehouse Porter and Miss Mamie with Holger Notzel
  163. Lil' Ray Neal
  164. Jacob "Jake" Gunter
  165. Billy Callaway
  166. Old Dawgs
  167. Lyndsey Spiller and Carrie Louring