Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Team Toyota Commercial I played on

About 3 years ago I recieved a call from Joey Decker of Disk Productions, Inc. he was looking for a harmonica player to do some work on a commercial he was producing for Team Toyota of Baton Rouge. It was a loose remake of 'Low Rider' by the band 'War'along with Tracy 'Tbone' Civello and Ernest Jackson.

Tracy was responsible for recording the rhythm track which he had completed at his own personal studio. When I arrived at Joey's studio he took a little time to give me an idea of what he wanted me to play. He said that we couldn't do the harmonica lick from the original song due to copywright issues. So he sang me a part that he thought would work and I played around until I got it pretty much the way he wanted it. So for the next hour or so I went into the booth where he recorded me playing the part over and over until he was fairly well satisfied. It was a pleasure to have Joey producing me for the first time and having confidence in me to allow me to play on the commercial. It was and still is quite an honor for him to choose me over many other good harmonica players in the Baton Rouge area.

After I finished my part Joey went on to record the vocals with Earnest Jackson (see photo below) who is the famed 'singing waiter' at Pinetta's Restaurant. He has been singing there for over 35 years.
The commercial has been playing continuously on local TV, cable and radio staions here in Baton Rouge. I estimate that it plays on cable every day as many as 100 times or more. So as far as play time goes, I now can boast that I have a recording that has probably played somewhere around 500,000 times making it the closest thing I will probably ever have to a hit record.
Listen to it here.


         Earnest Jackson