Monday, October 03, 2011

Around Town Show with Scott Rogers


Scott Rogers from the Around Town Show in Baton Rouge was the MC for The Lukemia and Lymphoma's annual Light The Night walkathon at the Parker Ag Center at LSU. LJ and I were the band playing for the event as "The Copas Duo". Scott heard us and approached us saying that he really liked the music we were playing and that he would like to feature us as the Musical Guests on one of his upcoming shows. We were delighted to take him up on his invitation. Shortly after that meeting we went into his studios at Cortana Mall and worked with the producer to record 3 songs to be played at a later date.

Since that time we have been featured numerous times on the program, each time a different one of the songs that we recorded has been aired. So thanks again to Scott Rogers and The Around Town Show for having us on the program.

Steven Smith


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